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Ice Baths Playa del Carmen

man taking an ice bath

Ice Bath Playa del Carmen. Our cryotherapy services have emerged as a standout alternative, providing a natural path to improved life in a world that constantly seeks natural and effective ways to boost health.

Join the growing number of people who are exploring the transformative benefits of ice baths, from top athletes to health and fitness enthusiasts.


Our ice baths are not just about boosting testosterone or cutting muscle pain. They're about raising your metabolism, lowering inflammation, and aiding in workout recovery, all in a natural and effective way.

Ice baths, also called cold plunges, involve sitting in cold water. They are more than a passing trend. They are an ancient practice that has withstood time and evolved with science.

Embark on a unique wellness journey at Riviera Frost, where you can experience an invigorating ice bath in the heart of Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya. Uncover the secrets behind the popularity of this ancient practice.

We also provide breathwork. It boosts the central nervous system. This enhances the benefits of ice baths.

Are ice baths good for you?

Prepare to immerse yourself in the experience with us, where you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Accelerated muscle recovery

  • Reduced stress and improved emotional well-being

  • Stimulation of endorphin production

  • Promotion of better sleep

  • Strengthening of the immune system

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Boost in testosterone levels

  • They also help burn body fat.

To sum up, ice baths offer many health benefits. They reduce muscle pain and inflammation, boost energy and sports performance, and aid in burning

burning body fat.

How do I prepare for my first cold plunge?

Before an ice bath, it's important to follow some steps. They help you prepare well and get the most out of this practice. Here are some things you can do:

  • Consult a healthcare professional. If you have medical conditions or are being treated, you should see a doctor. Do this before trying ice bath therapy. They will ensure it's safe for you.

  • Hydrate well. It's important to be well hydrated before immersing in cold water. Drinking water before the ice bath can help keep your body temperature up. It can also prevent dehydration.

  • Practice breathing exercises. Do this before the ice bath. It can help prepare your body and mind and improve your ability to cope with the cold. 

  • Breathwork can help you get ready for an ice bath. It also maximizes the ice bath's benefits.

  • Set a time limit: It's important to set a time limit for your ice bath and not exceed it. Start with short periods. They should be 1-3 minutes. Then, increase the time as you like.

  • It's essential to avoid eating before the ice bath. This lets your body to focus on the cold response without the distraction of digestion.

  • Stay calm and relax: Try to stay calm and relax as much as possible before and during the ice bath. Relaxation can help reduce the sensation of cold and improve your overall experience.

Follow these steps. You can prepare well to safely and effectively enjoy the benefits of the ice bath.

Additionally, bathing in cold water is good as preparation before your first immersion. Remember to listen to your body. Stop if you feel significant pain.

How long should you stay in an ice bath?

The time for an ice bath can vary. It depends on factors such as how well you handle cold, your health, and why you are doing the ice bath.

You should start with short periods, about 1 to 3 minutes, and then increase the time if you feel comfortable.

Some people stay in an ice bath for 5 to 10 minutes, while others prefer shorter times. Pay attention to your body's signals. Exit the ice bath if you feel extreme discomfort, excessive tingling, or numbness.

Also, if you have health conditions or medical concerns, talk to a doctor before trying an ice bath. This will ensure it's safe for you.

How to breathe before a cold plunge?

Before a cold plunge, it's essential to engage in breathing techniques that help prepare your body and mind for the experience. Here's a simple breathing routine you can follow:

  • Deep Breathing: Start by finding a comfortable seated or standing position. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths through your nose, filling your lungs with air. As you inhale, focus on expanding your belly, then your chest. Hold your breath for a moment at the top.

  • Exhale Slowly: After holding your breath for a moment, exhale slowly through your mouth, emptying your lungs. Focus on releasing tension with each exhale.

  • Repeat: Continue this deep breathing pattern for several cycles, gradually increasing the length of your inhales and exhales. Aim to breathe in deeply for 4-6 seconds, hold for 2-4 seconds, and then exhale slowly for 6-8 seconds.

  • Focus on Relaxation: As you continue with the deep breathing, focus on relaxing your body and calming your mind. Let go of any tension or stress you may be holding onto.

  • Optional: Box Breathing or Wim Hof Method: If you're familiar with other breathing techniques such as box breathing (inhaling, holding, exhaling, and holding for equal counts) or the Wim Hof Method (a specific pattern of rapid inhales and exhales), you can incorporate them into your pre-plunge routine for additional benefits.

  • Visualize: While breathing deeply, visualize yourself stepping into the cold water and remaining calm and composed. Imagine the cold water invigorating your body and mind rather than causing discomfort.

  • Maintain Awareness: Throughout the breathing exercise, maintain awareness of your body and breath. Notice any sensations or thoughts that arise without judgment, and gently bring your focus back to your breath.

At Riviera Frost, we incorporate diverse breathing techniques before and during immersion. Our aim is to maximize the benefits of cold exposure. Additionally, we provide a supportive environment where participants can explore their limits and deepen their connection with their breath and body.

Cold Plunge Before or After Eating?

It's not recommended to take an ice bath after eating. Eating before immersing yourself in cold water can cause indigestion, stomach discomfort, or vomiting.


This happens because when the body is exposed to cold, blood flow is redirected away from the digestive system to vital organs such as the heart and lungs.

Ice Baths in Playa del Carmen

At Riviera Frost, we firmly believe that ice immersion offers a transformative experience.

Each immersion is a step towards a fuller and healthier life. For information on prices and packages, click here.

Remember to follow us on Instagram to stay updated with our latest news, tips, and special promotions! Follow us at @RivieraFrost.

Embrace the authentic ice bath experience by finding comfort in discomfort with Riviera Frost.

Coldplunge in a garden
tina con hielo en un jardin


At Riviera Frost, our mission is to provide private and personalized ice bath experiences that are accessible to all.

With flexible hours and guidance from certified professionals, we aim to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this unique and revitalizing wellness

practice under the supervision of qualified individuals.

Did you know that each session can generate up to 20 plastic bags per person?

That's why at Riviera Frost, we produce 100% of our ice, demonstrating our commitment to Planet Earth.


Promote the benefits of ice baths in Playa del Carmen and extend this experience to a broader audience.


We believe that this practice can be advantageous for everyone, irrespective of their level of physical activity or lifestyle.


Our aim is for people to discover the power of the elements in an accessible and transformative manner.

About Me

Riviera Frost was founded by Alex Sanders, a certified thermalist from The Søberg Institute, dedicated to sharing his lifestyle based on breathwork and ice immersions in a personal and private setting.

Whether you've been drawn to the ice due to a personal crisis, health concerns, or simply to try something new, our focus is to provide you with the best experience, regardless of your motivation.

A thermalist diploma from Dr. Susana Soeberg is opened in the name of Alex Sanders
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